Have an overall view of workflow analyzer results for all processes


We have several processes, and we wonder how we can have an overall view of workflow analyzer results for all processes.

The only way to do it for now is to build each process individually in Studio. Is there a faster, automated way to do this for all processes ?

We use git, and have an on-premise server.


We still don’t know how to do this.

There’s a PowerShell script provided by UiPath’s Internal Labs.


Marketplace link:

Thank you for the answer.

I already have a PowerShell script to analyze our 29 processes.
However, I have a few points that make the full analysis a bit tedious:

  • I don’t know how to specify the policy file with our team settings in the script. Currently, I have to run the script from my development machine so that the setting is taken from my Studio configuration. It would be better to be able to run it from a VM not equipped with Studio directly, in an Azure pipeline.
  • The resulting json files are strangely formatted and difficult to use. I had to create a C# program to parse the files and make the results usable. With this program, I also take the opportunity to create a csv file which summarizes the 29 result files with the indicators that interest us. I then integrate them into an Excel file to monitor them over the months.

Generally speaking, I wonder how other teams monitor the technical debt of their UiPath processes.