Count of all activities use in a project

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had come across a way in which an entire project could be interrogated to count the number of all activities used. For example - Read Text (10), Assign (8), If (4)… and so on.

I was planning on using this to get a high level overview of commonly used components and to see if certain devs/processes favoured certain activity types, as a way of ensuring a varied spread of knowledge but also efficiency (if comparing two similar projects and one used 20 Assigns but another used 3 Multi-assign, or one used lots of “type into” and another “go to browser address” etc). I know a code review would turn up things such as “type into” instead of “go to…” but for more complex situations this might prove revealing.

Further to this, seeing common activity orders might also be useful and allow for more efficiency by creating custom activities. A quick example being if you have “Element Exists” followed by an “If” nine times out of ten, it might be wise to create a single activity to cover this, as time spent doing that could save more time in future (albeit a second or so a time) but not having to sort out the boolean “exists” variable and put it in the “If” activity and so on. Again a simple example but one which if extrapolated could prove helpful I think.

Thanks, happy to hear thoughts and have a discussion on this - just wanting to spur on some efficiencies and get a more data driven approach to development going!



Hi @Alex_Cross,

Please take at look at the workflow inspector available for download after you login. Going through the examples given by courtesy of Mateus Cruz from UiPath may provide you an idea of how to examine the XAML file and count the activities.

I am using workflow inspector currently to build my own rules to supplement some of the missing feature in workflow analyzer. Hopefully, in the coming months workflow analyzer will be enhanced.

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You can simply open the all the XAML files in Notepad++ and use a regex count (ctrl+f) to get the activities

Hi @Frei_Janick,

Yes that is possible too but manual and tedious because you have to know what activities to search. The dependencies could come from local, official or other package sources.

Yeah I’d already done this, also using “read text” activity in uipath just to run through it for me on multiple xamls etc, I just wanted something a bit more concrete which broke it down for me.


Thanks, I’ll look into this. I like that it comes as a xaml too, so we can change it up to match our own criteria and so on, like you mentioned doing.

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