Need older RDP version or install new RDP package onto RDP Server?

Hi everyone,

New to UiPath, trying to see if it works with an application hosted on our RDP servers. I did install the MS RDP packages on the UiPath StudioX, but I keep getting this error when I try to select the application

Does this mean that:

  1. I need an older version of the package (ie 21.10.5 as per last line) as the RDP on my server is older?
  2. I should instead install the latest package (suggested by the top portion) onto my RDP server? This would be tough as I got multiple RDP servers running this global application and they are all hosted at my HQ overseas.


Hi @Derrick_Foong,

Its better to update the UiPath Remote Runtime to version 23.2.0, which is compatible with the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package version 23.2.0, or you can use a compatible version of the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package.