If I just want to install a older remote runtime version, how can I?

Hi Maciej,

I have a question about remote runtime. Everytime we asked our client to install UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi, it always the newest version. However, there is no indicated UI Automation version corresponded to the newest remote runtime version.

So my question is: If I just want to install a older remote runtime version, how can I? For example, I would like to install UiPath Remote Runtime version 19.10.7312.25504. My email is isaac_ai@resourcepro.com.cn

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Hi @isaac_ai

You can get a range of remote runtime installers from our Resource Center here:


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Thank you very much, Maciej. Your response is always timely and promotely.

Hi Maciej,

Just got another question. Our company is using UiPath Studio Enterprise stable version 2019.10.4. Here is a case: If we asked our client to install remote runtime Enterprise version 2019 LTS 2019.10 and one year later, we upgrade our UiPath Studio Enterprise stable version to 2020.x.x, do we need to ask client to upgrade their Uipath remote runtime version? If yes, back and forth asking client’s change may affect client’s service exprience.

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Hi @isaac_ai, thanks for your feedback.

Each UIAutomation.Activities package comes with its own RemoteRuntime component due to underlying components compatibility dependencies.

If one upgrades Studio, that means it also upgrades the UIAutomation.Activities package by default (for new projects), therefore the need to upgrade the RemoteRuntime as well.

However, if you just want to use the new Studio 2020.x.x features but don’t want to upgrade to 2020.x.x UIAutomation.Activities, you can continue use the 2019.10 UIAutomation package for the client’s specific projectsthus the workflows will not be impacted and the runtime does not need to be upgraded.
Hope this helps. Do let me know if you need more info.

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