Need Logic For This Process

Hi All,

i am having 4 codes like 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

and i am having 4 same conditions for each of the codes like A, B, C , D.

Ex 1 :: if we are getting the code 2003 and the condition is B
Ex 2 :: if we are getting the code 2001 and the condition is D
Ex 3 :: if we are getting the code 2004 and the condition is B

In these kind of scenario which kind of logic is help full to me.

Hello @meeraa ,

Here If else if will meet your requirement.

or you can use switch case also

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Hi @meera,

Switch case can be used for this scenario

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can you people explain me some more detail.

which are going to switch cases like A,B,C,D and should i do like for each code with each switch case
like 2001 switch case for A,B,C,D
2002 switch case for A,B,C,D
2003 switch case for A,B,C,D
2004 switch case for A,B,C,D

AND how can i use elif in this case


Here if you are getting 2001 or 2002 are you going to execute the same set of actions or what you mentioned( A,B,C,D) will be different?

It would be better if you provide some screenshot and explain your requirement

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HI @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

yes same , codes are different but same conditions like A,B,C,D. b

Ok…So for this A,B,C,D is there any change in the values or any step change for each code?

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no changes Rahul

So as you confirmed for all those code you need to follow same steps of processing but based on the condition. So you just need to create switch case for conditions alone.

You can use switch case activity . You can create 4 cases: case A, case B etc… whatever condition you are passing that particular case should execute

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