Need help on switch condition


Am using IF to check the condition but i have more than 30 condition based on the key words,
Need help in using switch case on this.

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hope these steps could help you resolve this
–store all those keywords in a array of string variable named in_str like this
{“Approva Requested”,“Route Reminder”,“next”,…""}
store all those thirty keyword in it
–now in the same if condition mention as
if the above condition passes it will goto THEN part
where we can include any activity we want

same but in inverse. simple isnt it
Cheers @sathishbr

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Use Switch Activity?

But I can not give more conditions on switch activity.

Yes, this is helpful, and i have more than 40 condition and base on the condition it has to do certain activity.
Thank you very much!!!

@sathishbr Are you looking for below kind of solution?

Exactly @Manjuts90 , and can i give one case if two or more match found,
Example: in below highlighted same case should perform.

Like ;- Case Videojet Shipping Notice & Delivery report

@sathishbr yes you can give same case for multiple matches.

is this the way we can give?

@sathishbr Try like below.


@Manjuts90 Thank you Manju, its working as i expected. Thanks for your help!!!

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