Multiple condition in switch/Flow Switch activity in uipath

First let me explain what I need your helps for. I have to check two strings (outputs of two different activities) whether they are machted or not. If these two strings are same then true, if not then false. However, there are exception for few. For example, if A=A , then true, but if A = B then also true. Thus, if C = C and C = D, then true. I have ten cases like these which check where they match or not, or they have an alternative. It can also be like this, B=B and B = A then also true. Thus, if D = D and D = C, then also true.
In above case, B and D are alternative for A and C accordingly.

I could do it with many flow decision but it looks mess as I have to use many of them. Is there any way so that I can write the condition in one expression either in IF, Swtich or Flow Switch activity?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @jahidKM ,

You could work with a statemachine and define your conditions in the different transactions.

Hi tdhaene, Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is what I am doing. But my question was how can I formulate such big condition in one expression? Which activity would be the best to use for such a scenario?

I appreciate your reply.

You could use inline if to make it denser. But it will reduce the readebility.
Ex: if(conditions,case true,case false)

how can i check in switch - if I get couple of different values (but for they will do the same) to go to the same case?

Hi @dlichtenstadt …please check the below link… This may be useful.