Need help with capturing the right selectors for Time value on google sheets

Hello I have a problem changing the variable to get on a selector, I’ve been changing from specific time ex. 23:03 to *:??, but when I click on validate it generate error, Do you mind to help me out with this issue please?.
Thanks in advance.

Time in bucharest

@hiram.lopez, Hi

Please try this aaname=’*’ if that doesnt work, please open UI Explore and indicate the element and then take that screenshot i want to see what it looks like.

Here is it, Senzo, let me know if the screen shot is what you need…

@hiram.lopez Please try this:



unselect aaname if you do choose to select aaname it should look like this aaname='*:*'

And then save it and the validate after saving, and let me know what it says again

Here is it, I click on Validate like that and validate is green and ok…

But if I go to the selector again it still having the error…

@hiram.lopez, open Ui Explore again

and please send another screenshot i want to compare it with the previous one and see if something changes

Into -UI Explorer allways when I click on validate is green and ok…I’m selecting the google sheet and the time to get…

Nothing seems to change except for the time, obviously. :thinking:

Play around with the selectors, just make sure you replace the time value with this '*:*' and make sure you click save before closing Ui Explore. And also select the css selctor, i know that is static but might look the same for all items.

If I change to ‘:’ and click on run appllication it get the time success, but the validate error is still in red…


Thats really strange, but it looks like its working fine though

The only thing I figured out is that the run never finish until I clicked on stop, is that normal? or should the process terminate automaticly?.. Yes it seems that is working.

run it by selecting Run or Run file in the run button drop down, by default its set to run on debug mode, maybe that’s why its not stopping.

if it till doesn’t stop maybe just save your project close studio and reopen it again, this happens to me sometimes especially when using connected sequences inside of a flowchart.

Yes I guess that works, the application run and close the google sheet and then stop it.

Well I only want to say thanks Senzo, really appreciate the help, I will close the issue.


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@hiram.lopez, i am glad i could help :wink:

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