Need help passing In and Out arguments

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I am trying to work on Assignment1 and really confused with passing In and Out Arguments. I read topics on forums as well but not much clear

For my Extract Client Information, I am able to extract clientID,ClientName and client Country and unable to pass the same to main workflow

In the main workflow, clientID, ClientName and ClientCountry contains the extracted values.

You are not assigning the aregument values of Out_ClientID, Out_ClientName and Out_ClientCountry inside the workflow.
You must assign these values inside the workflow.


hello @Leela_Javvaji
in ExtractClieninformation workflow assign the information into an argument not in variable.

hope it helps


In ExtractClieninformation workflow …there is no argument declare .firstly declare then assign.
and in process workflow import it

for refernce

hope it solved problem…please mark as solution if it helps

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Hello Leela,

Can you try following steps,

  1. Declare ClientID, ClientName and Clientcountry as arguments (direction : out) in extract client information workflow.

  2. Declare local variables (not arguments) in process workflow to hold the ClientID, ClientName and Clientcountry. Invoke the workflow extract client information workflow in process. when you click import arguments for the same you can see the variables passed from extract client information workflow, just store those values to local variables in process.

  3. Declare the same variables in Sha1Online GetHashcode workflow as arguments ( Direction : in).

  4. Invoke Sha1Online GetHashcode workflow from process. Click import arguments and you can see the declared variables in step 3 with direction in. provide the local variables in process. now you will be able to get the same in Sha1Online GetHashcode workflow

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