Problem in accessing and understanding In and Out arguments in workflows @ Calculating Client Security Hash Assignment

I am facing problem in calculating client security hash assignment.
I am not able to understand correct usage of In and Out arguments in workflows.
I am getting following error:

I am using following arguments for InitAllSettings workflow.

Getting correct values in log messages from the out variables of InitAllSettings workflow.

But when I pass same values as input arguments in login_system1 workflow, it is giving above mentioned exception and robot stops.

Please Help. Thanks.

Just wanna check in case you missed it, Have you created arguments for Login-System1.xaml file? It should contain 2 arguments as in your screenshot for System1 URL & Credentials?

Where are you invoking the Login_System1.xaml file? It should be inside ‘InitAllApplications.xaml’. InitAllApplications.xaml should have an argument called ‘in_Config’ which you need to store under your IN arguments of Login-System1.xaml file.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

I was not invoking login_system1.xaml after InitAllApplications.xaml. But as you said, I invoked in InitAllApplications.xaml. But still getting the same error.

Arguments of InitAllApplications.xaml.

Arguments of login_system1.xaml.xaml.

I am printing the value of In Argument System1_url of login_system1.xaml in the workflow to check, as I want to use this in workflow.

Are you doing this inside the Login file.? Whats the output of that Log message? If you have the proper arguments under the Login_System1.xaml and you are passing the required value as well when invoked then you should be able to retrieve the value of both the arguments from within the login workflow.

Can you attach a screenshot of Arguments tab from within the Login_System1.xaml workflow? Basically you will see that error when you haven’t created IN arguments under Login_System1.xaml file and you still try to create IN Arguments and assign variables while invoking it.

Rammohan B.

Thanks @Rammohan91.
I didn’t create IN argument in login_system1.xaml workflow. As I created the argument it started working.
Thanks again.