How to get all child workflow variables visible to master workflow, which can be accesed to every child workflows

i have passed arguments from master workflow to child workflows successfully , but i could not get reverse of it…i,e from child to master workflow?
any suggestions or help?

Hi @jagadeesh9,

Create arguments in parent workflow and provide directions “In”, import argument now you can pass child variables into that arguments, now you can able to see the value of variable in the main workflow but it is not a best design approach.

ChildWorkflow.xaml (5.5 KB)
Main.xaml (6.3 KB)

Thanks Girish…
i got it…

Hi @Girish

I have some issues with the variables/arguments and assign stages regarding Extract data table workflow and transfer this output to the main workflow…

Could you help me with this? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: !

Please send you code I will look into it.
Please make sure the variable/argument in the main workflow is same data type as variable/argument returning or passing to the workflows from/to the child.
The error in your case is that you are trying to assign string type for the a array of data rows which is incorrect.


Hi @Girish
I am pretty sure I solved the problem now. In the extractworkitemdatatable workflow, Out_WIRowList is DataRow array and WIList is DataRow array. In Init, it looks like this.

Hi again,

I have a similar problem in ExtractClientInformation…

After all string manipulation I am unsure what I should include in the assign stage?

Hi @Sine

You can remove the assign statement since you have already assigned Out_ClientName which I think it is output argument you are returning to main process flow.
While invoking the “System1_ExtractClientInformation” you can import arguments and for “Out_ClientName” you can store in the variable inside the main.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @Girish

Does this look correct in main?

Btw, where is it explained that I need to make an excel workbook “Acme workbook Items list”? Will it not be generated automatically through the system1 extract workitem data table workflow?