Loop through Data Table and Use Cell as Type Into Value

I have a Data Table that is 1 column and X rows. I’d like to loop through the data table and use each cell (e.g. A1, A2…An) as a the value for a Type Into.

  1. Do I use a For Each Row?
  2. For Type Into, what do I use as the “value”?

Thank you

hi @mnease

1.you can use the WriteRange Activity to write into excel sheet.



To clarify, I don’t want to write into an excel sheet. The Type Into will be used in a web app, so I want to type the cell value into the web app, do a few other processes, and then move to the next cell value and type into the web app.

Hi @mnease,

1.you can use the for each row
2. Inside the loop you can assign the Type Into to the value “row(0).ToString”


Thanks, that worked. Simple solution!