Need Help in Level 3 Assignment 1. Assign faulted

WIList=TransactionData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”) is faulted again and again.

Can anyone please help me out in this?

Please share your email so that I can send my workflow.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

@sgshreya95 Can you tell us What kind of Error it shows?

It simply shows Assign faulted.

Please have a look.

Main.xaml (54.0 KB)


Before this assign activity try to print the below using Message Box or Writeline activity and check once.


If it gives any error then TransactionData does not contain any rows and it not scraped data properly.

Yes, now the Message box is faulted.


That means TransactionData does not contain any data. Check once whether it is scraped data properly or not.

Yes it is scraping data properly. I have used Write Range activity to get the scraped data in an excel sheet and it looks fine.

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Then check arguments and it’s directions properly.

I have rechecked the arguments but not sure what is causing the issue.
Could you please look into my workflow that I have attached above and guide me where I am going wrong?


Could you please show me screenshot of in which workflow are you scraping data and its arguments section.


Did you store output of data scraping activity in dt_Workitems arguments or not ?

And also did you pass this data to TransactionData or not?

If not then go to Edit arguments of that Invoke Workflow activity and pass output to TransactionData variable.

It is working now. Thank you :slight_smile:

Now stuck with another piece :frowning:

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Can anyone please help me out in this?

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