Level 3 Assignment 1 issue - Not Updating Work Item

Seems like i am making a rookie mistake,
My process works fine till the it scrapes all the data from the work items table. Then it goes south
After the scraping my process is opening ACME and sha1 like 15 times (assuming thats each process) but not really doing anything (updating work items is not working). At the end i get an error “Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 15. Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Source: Assign TransactionID”. Any one know whats going on here ?

Here is the image of my log, i am also attaching my project


Project File
hashTest.zip (513.8 KB)

  1. Please start the transaction (in_TransactionNumber) from 0
  2. Your workflow seems to be incorrect. Because opening applications and login has to execute only once that is at the start of the workflow.
  3. I guess your process transaction is not processing the work item data.
  4. Please debug your workflow step by step and find out where your workflow is going wrong.
  5. Please re-check if you followed the given walkthrough document step by step to achieve the assignment result.

Karthik Byggari