Sending mails with text from word, keeping format and Hyperlinks

I have a functional and working Robot which sends mails to recepients from an excel sheet.
The robot reads a word file, looks for certain values to replace in the text with values from the excel sheet, individuial to each person and finally sends the mail.
I use Excel Appl scope, Word Appl. scope, for each row and Send Outlook mail message.
My problem is that the text in the mail seems to change a lot in format from the actual word text (line distance and hyperlinks won’t work).
At first I thought I could fix it by ticking off IsBodyHtml int he mail message properties, but this makes it even even worse.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Welcome to community

For your case to get the mail text in good aligned format

Use HTML tags to align your mail structure

and IsBodyHtml should be enable if you are using HTML tags and give proper format of the mail body

Hope this helps you


Thank you for your reply.
To clarify, do you mean using html tags in the word document?`
This is a solution I have gone away from using as we did it with RTF files and HTML tags previously, but the workload on the text document becomes too great.

Is there truly no incorporated way to enable HTML, include hyperlinks, format etc. from a word file to a mail being sent, using word appl. scope? Other than using html code in the actual text?