Excel table to mail

I am trying to copy the below excel table to mail body but the format is not getting copied. Can anybody help? below is the table I want in my mail and ive also put the table format that is getting copied to mail body. I need to delete the middle empty columns

Hi @shreyaank,
Mail body is based mostly on html so it will not handle merged cells like excel does. You could for example change excel report to have data in two wide columns instead of eight columns merged to two.

Hi Pablito, I wont be able to change the template of excel as it is a std template, cant even merge, any other workaround to get the same table on to mail body?

What about Take Screenshot activity to make picture of it and attach it to the mail?

screenshot cannot be converted to string is the error obtained

If the data used further (I mean copied from mail to somewhere) then I think you should make your own excel file based on data from this template so it will include less columns. Then copy it to the mail.

Hi @shreyaank

You can try this

Hey i have tried appending the rows and columns using HTML. But im getting unwanted columns in between, how do we remove those columns displayed in the pic which i uploaded in my question?