Need guidance on starting career in UiPath.

Hi All

I have been working in UiPath since last 1 year. In my company we don’t have any big project or team. We are only working on some POCs and showing demos to the client. I am very much interested to continue in UiPath and want to learn more. I am also certified.

As in market the demand is for min 2 years and also should have experience in industry best practice, how can i proceed further to satisfy the requirement ? Because in my company we don’t have solid project and we have not deployed any bot in prod yet. I have very good knowledge in uipath so far but not sure how is it in actual industry.

So please help me how should i proceed further ?

Visit Forum of uipath . You will exposure to new scenarios and day today solutions and approaches to handle it

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

I also highly recommend taking the courses at, particularly those which best fit your role, but if possible, take all of them to understand UiPath on a broader level. These courses helped me immensely.