How to start RPA Developer career?

Hi everyone,
How did your guys start your RPA Developer career?
When I first time see how Uipath works, I was shocked.
I believe this is the future, then I start learning and using it for my daily job in eCommerce industry.
I also passed the UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer and UiPath Certified RPA Associate.
I thought I could find a UiPath job and start my new career soon, unfortunately after one year of seeking jobs, I can’t get any chance even a interview, all these positions request 2~5 years of enterprise level company experience under RPA developer job title.
How to own experience for a job but the job request experience first?
I am stuck here. If you already working as a RPA developer, could you tell me when you start the job, how you get working experience before that?
Many Thanks

Hi, I’m hoping someone reply here, because I have the same question as you. I learned UiPath while seeking to automate part of my job (I am in non-technical role for a large Inc). I hope to transition into something fulltime with UiPath, but having difficulties without a previous “technical” title / years of experience. I’ll add did recently I find out about Reveal Group (based in US) which has opening for RPA consultants (with little experience) & reached out via LinkedIn. It also look like they once posted on the official job board here - Reveal Group - Consultant - Austin, Houston, Nashville, Tampa, Charlotte, and Montreal - United States - Full Time

Thanks for your reply Ofalfade,
Yes, I am in the exact same situation, I use Uipath every day as part of my job, but no title for start full developer career, I am in Australia, the positions less than US. Have you got change to start full-time Uipath job?