Need dymanic selector

iam typing the different stocks in google to capture the stock price but iam not able get the selector for of the stock price dynamically for ex IBM, TCS

have a look here:

can u please try getting the above mentioned stock selector in google dynamically for different companies

What is the URL?

in google search for IBM stock, TCS stock, wmt stock


<html app='chrome.exe' title='*Google Finance*' />
<webctrl aaname='$*' parentid='yDmH0d' tag='DIV' />

It looks like hte parentid of the stock price object is always yDmH0d. However, there are no guarantees that it will never change.

Same selector correctly gets the stock price object for TCS. You just need to Get Attribute to get the aaname.

there is no $ symbol, Please search in google search bar for IBM

Give a try on dynamize by the url wuthin the selecor:

however as the stock is showing only to the corresponding company maybe the extraction strategy is otherwise to optimize.

We would suggest that you are breaking down more the requirements in order to specify the ectraction parts

There is no big issue here, UiPath works as expected. Open Ui Explorer. Click Indicate Element and click the item on the page. Edit page title with wildcard so it’s not specific to the stock. Uncheck the aaname attribute.

Now you have your selector.

Of course, in the real world you would have your Get Attribute (aaname) activity inside an Open Browser, Attach Browser, etc so the page title won’t matter if done correctly.

wild card is not working here i checked it

It works fine. Do the steps I told you. The title attribute of the html selector tag should just be: title=‘*Google Search’

But again, that part should be handled by an Open Browser, Attach Browser, etc scope

Thank you Paul its working now. Thank you once again

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