Dynamic Prices - Extraction

Hi, Can anyone pls tell me how to extract dynamic prices from stock market websites?

I have been trying to do that in moneycontrol. I tried OCR Text but its not working fine. i have tried get full text.

Can someone pls guide?

Hi @taruna.mehra

Can you please share the screenshot of the element from which you need to extract the text

HI @taruna.mehra

You can try with Get Text activity and share the selector

You can try with * asterisk

Look into the document


you can use get attribute activity and please indicate the element and retrieve required ui

example after indicate element you can use the aaname

This get text or attribute activity is not taking based on selection as this price is dynamic.

It’s not coming in text form.

so then you can use get text with ocr

You can try with Screen scrapping method @taruna.mehra


Yes I used that in my workflow but it was not accurate

can you send me site link?
and can you highlight which price you want to extract

Number.xaml (6.3 KB)
May be you can try to test, as I am using this url to indicate.

Its not working

Is the number is not same with the web or what error for the process?


Just open moneycontrol.com and check any stock current price, Use your xaml and extract the price and let me know what price you see in message box or output?
You will get to know what i am referring to.

Number.xaml (10.9 KB)

Can’t open
Error: Document is Invalid

Which number do you want to get on the web?
As for the xaml, I only get this number

The current price