Web Recording Failure - Selector Issues?

Hi, I’m going through the UiPath RPA Academy training course, and I’ve run into an issue with one of the tutorials–specifically in Lesson 4 - Recording Part 2 - Web Recording.

The tutorial instructs us to create a bot that will go to Yahoo Finance, search a particular stock, compare yesterday’s stock price with today’s stock price, calculate that difference, then return a message box if the difference exceeds a defined amount.

The bot works perfectly in the video, of course, but when I try to perform the exact same actions in UiPath, I run into errors. My bot sometimes can’t even find the Yahoo Finance page. Is UiPath automatically anchoring itself to Yahoo Finance with certain numbers during design time, which have changed by run time, therefore returning errors?

If so, what is the best way to change the selector for UiPath to know it is on the right page?

Any and all advice on this topic is welcome.

Thank you!


Your title attribute in the selector has hardcoded values for IBM stocks. Since these are changing the robot will sometimes be looking for the wrong page.

You should use wildcards to do something like title='IBM*' or title='IBM* : International Business Machines - Yahoo*'

That way the bot will find the IBM page no matter what the current stock prices are.


Thank you!! It works perfectly now.

I went into the selector property of the Attach Window activity and just added the * as you suggested.


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