How to get program to follow new dynamic URL?

I have started learning & using UiPath this week. I really loved it because it helped to speed-up my manual task. Today I am stuck with this situation: How to get the program to follow from initial browser to the new tab created after clicking a link. The new tab has a dynamic url.

This is how I am doing it now.

Thank you very much

Hi @Deen

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First we need to examine the dynamic url to determine feasibility. Please follow steps:

  1. Add a new “use application/browser”
  2. Make the dynamic url webpage the active webpage
  3. Click on “Indicate application to automate” inside “use application/browser”
  4. Expand/Navigate to Unified Application Target, Selector
  5. Click on three-dots to expand the selector editor
  6. Screenshot and share the selector



Thank you. That solved my problem. I got it to work now.

Thank you

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Hi, I´ve got a similiar problem and I´ve tried the solution you´ve pruposed. For some reason the robot keeps jumping back the process with the URL I originally indicated and works on the same case over and over again and the newly generated cases keep being ignored. Do have any idea how I can solve this?

Thats the process

Hi @Philipp_Brey

Welcome to UiPath community forum. Let’s first try to identify the root cause of the issue.

You have to open the UiExplorer for the click activity

  1. Launch the UiExplorer (step 1 and 2 as shown)

  2. Examine selector attributes and values that may contain dynamic values that could break your click activity.

Note: this require using a ‘trial and error method’ to spot and identify numbers, web session, etc. that may change for each new/different case.

  1. If you are unable to easily spot and identify dynamic values, you have to create a duplicate click activity and perform the same steps 1 and 2 for the duplicate click activity. Using the UiExplorer of the duplicate click activity to compare against the UiExplorer of the original click activity. The first UiExplorer for original click activity have to open side-by-side with second UiExplorer of duplicate click activity.

Note: this also require using a ‘trial and error method’ to spot and identify differences between the two UiExplorers.

If possible can you please share the steps to finetune dynamic URL using wild cards