How to get program to follow new dynamic URL?

I have started learning & using UiPath this week. I really loved it because it helped to speed-up my manual task. Today I am stuck with this situation: How to get the program to follow from initial browser to the new tab created after clicking a link. The new tab has a dynamic url.

This is how I am doing it now.

Thank you very much

Hi @Deen

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First we need to examine the dynamic url to determine feasibility. Please follow steps:

  1. Add a new “use application/browser”
  2. Make the dynamic url webpage the active webpage
  3. Click on “Indicate application to automate” inside “use application/browser”
  4. Expand/Navigate to Unified Application Target, Selector
  5. Click on three-dots to expand the selector editor
  6. Screenshot and share the selector


Thank you. That solved my problem. I got it to work now.

Thank you

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