How to proceed with previous screen of browser


I am using open browser activity and creating multiple sequences
in a webpage
After writing username and password i am redirected to new url.

Now i have created another sequence for that new url but that url get changing when some value changes.
My link is previously “http://900.900.90.11/
After entering username and password when someone clicks on go it becomes:
My link is “http://900.900.90.11/li/test/?test=209#myList”

I have used variable at the place of 209.
As instead of 209 i can get some other value as well.

but as soon as i click on go after writing username and password some other browser screen gets opened.

How to resolve this. can someone please help.


Are you using url in selector?

Cant you attach to browser using title of the window or tab?

Are you getting any error ?


@Anil_G yes i am using url in selector

i am not getting error but after inputting username and password when i click on go
i redirects me to some other url

now in my flow i have captured that new url which i get after clicking on go

by this, again a new browser gets opened with that new url and it shows session expired.



You can try using url with wildcard character


Or it would be preferable to use title as first reaort toidentify…

And if multiple windows or tabs are not there then you can use the browser details itself



Do i need to change url like this
or i can directly write



The second one will do…directly give only the static prt and remove the dynamic prt and use * in that place



it is giving error viz expression expected

Logs for this

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression ""http://900.900.90.11/“*”.(2) : error BC30201: Expression expected.


In open browser you will use the full url only…

Inside that in the selector if you have choose url then use wild card…and that wild crad shpuld be placed inside the double quotes…

I beleive in open browser url field ypu need not change anything



Thanks Anil
It worked.

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