Navigating to multiple pages without data scraping option and applying click activity

I need help in navigating to multiple pages in a webpage. The count of pages is uncertain everyday but there are options for navigating to next page by clicking the numbers - 1, 2. If there are only 2 pages then a image is mentioned.

After clicking each page, i need to click a button then wait for sometime then go to next page and click a button, and wait and continue this for any count of pages available for the day.

Once i consolidate all results, i need to download the results into a zipped file.

Help me on identifying a solution for navigating the pages and clicking the button.

Hi @vinoth_kumar2,

Try using a normal click then use find activity to find an element in the next page and it will continue until the find activity finds that element also you can indicate if that element should be visible or active.
Also the other way is wait for element to vanish it’s the same thing but it waits for the element to not be active or not be visible depending on the parameters.

–we can use a CLICK activity to click on the next page arrow, but before that we need to confirm once whether that element is there or not
–that is the arrow should be chosen as a element using ELEMENT EXISTS activity and which will give us a boolean variable as output
–followed by that use a IF condition and mention like this
boolvariable = True
if true it will go to THEN part where we can use CLICK activity and if that fails it will go to ELSE part, where we can close the process by throwing an exception with THROW activity
we need to place all these inside a while loop with a counter and that counter must be increment inthe THEN part of if condition

Cheers @vinoth_kumar2

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