Navigate Page dynamically and extract data

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I want to navigate page and extract data from web.
Used element exists activity and declared click activity element inside do while loop. When it reaches last page, still it waits for the next button.

Can anyone help me to solve it?

Hi @poojadass.murugadass,

Get Structured Data (Data Scraping) activity ask you to define next page selector. With this feature you don’t need to click it in a loop. So you won’t get an error too. Kindly check it.

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The next page selector in data scraping is not navigating properly. So, i need to use click activity.


Then, if you put the Click activity in try catch and put the break activity in the catch part, I think your problem will be solved. It will be enough to set the click’s timeout to 5000, because I think waiting 30 seconds is too much.


Let me try and let you know

Tried but it shows same error.

Could you kindly share your flow?

Sure @omer.ozturk

Extraction.xaml (15.5 KB)

Hi again @poojadass.murugadass,

Please change the catch block with exception state and indicate click to next button selector. I suggest to set click’s timeout to 5000.


It’s working and the data is extracted.

Thanks for helping.

I’m so glad @poojadass.murugadass,

Have a good day.

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