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I’m trying to get iterate through a list of addresses for pictures, stored in base64, to download the pictures. my problem is that open browser/attach browser isn’t working.

My path: data:image/jpeg;base64, .

I’m trying to build it out I open the browser once, using navigate to function to repoint to each image i’m trying to capture.

The problem is that navigate to isn’t working. I tested this same approach with navigating to “” and it worked without fail. I don’t understand why the data:image/jpeg isn’t working.

Any suggestions? I have tried opening a new browser for each image, but it seems to break after the 3rd execution.


The Navigate To activity takes an URL as parameter. Did you test some in your browser before passing to UiPath?

Just point to the ressource’s URL, its MIME type is not relevant in that case.

For your case, you might want to check UiPath’s HTTP client

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Hi. Yes i have tested this with open browser activity and it works fine. I’m trying to use the Navigate To activity to prevent me from opening and closing browsers for each activity (assuming that there’s at least 5-10 photo downloads per execution).

When i use the open browser, the process is successful against the first 3 (shorter data paths) and fails on the 4th one. Error message is “cannot communicate with browser”.

As far as I know Internet Explorer does not support navigating to data URIs. You’ve mentioned that it works fine the first three times so it might not be that. What browser are you using?

If you have the base64 string, you can decode it and save as binary file, can’t you?

So I solved it last night. It turns out that I have the encoded photo as a base64 string. I simply had to decode the picture and save it locally.

Then my arguments are:

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