Wierd behaviour of navigate to activity when using attr='src'

I’m going to go to google search anything and inside the images section there will be a data scraping which will extract the ‘src’ attribute which is in the column “images”.

now in the foreach row in datatable

Using navigate to, I navigate to each extracted image’s src from the data scraping

Here is a video of that weird behavior (watch the entire video).

the switching between uipath and the browser is done by me

here is the xaml

Main.xaml (9.2 KB)

Hi @sagar.raval
I think “Src” is your current page which is already open and it is same for all images. please check manually are you getting same or different.

please watch the entier video as the naviagtion to the images start at almost end and also there is an error in the last

Hi @sagar.raval ok got it, I did not see full video.
have you installed uipath extension in browser or not.

yes i have installed the extension , i check twice

Hi @sagar.raval use the navigate to url activity inside the attach browser

the issue is still there i have used attach browser

@sagar.raval could you share screenshot?

please see the video above , the output is the same even with attach browser


Re-install the extension and try it.

i reinstall it but still getting the same thing and the same error in the last
Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.

Is it a public web site? So that I can try it on my pc.

Hello @sagar.raval

As your automation is working as expected as you are getting the browser extension error, just try to add a delay after the Navigate activity. Also please try reinstalling the chrome extension from uipath studio.


its google search , please go through the main.xaml file in the post

Okay let me check

Main.xaml (10.6 KB)

@sagar.raval if you want to navigate to the image link then follow the screenshot, because here the data scrapping is not working. You have to copy image link and then navigate that link.
Main(2).xaml (12.5 KB)


go the sequence1 and try that

to be honest i dindt understand anything here , what is the point of adding the click

data scrappping is working fine the navigation is the problem data scrapping is getting src properly

Have you tried with manually, i mean copy the data that your getting in currentrow(“images”).tostring and paste that in search bar. What results you are getting?

Also check sequence1, that navigate to url activity is working or not