Hello Forum ,
I am doing data scrapping of naukri candidates…Storing it in the data table(names and URL)… Inside for each i’m getting all the names…after that what I wanted to do is,click on the names,go inside ,click on download resume… The thing is I am able to go inside first profile ,click on downlaod… when it goes to second profile,it is going inside the second profile but clicking download button of the first profile… I guess it is selector problem… How to sort that selector .?? I gave * in the place of title and windowname,but then also it is downloading the profile of first person only for all the candidates…

HI @Soundarya_L,

did u tried to navigate to each profile using url which u got as a result of datascrapping


Nived N

I want to see some of the profiles of BCom /MCom with at least 3 yrs experience in your folder for the position of Sr Accountant / Store keeper