I’m trying to scrape data from naukri(with recruiter’s login) . My requirement is I search for a particular skill (eg:Oracle DBA) , then I go inside each candidate profile to download the resume.
The process I do is 1) Login Naukri 2)In search I type “Oracle dba” which leads to number of profiles 3) I use data scrapping(to get the NAMES and URL).4)Use for each and click on the url to go inside the candidates profile and click download…
But while performing data scrapping i,m not able to extarct the url… URL column is incomplete meaning im getting [http://naukri//somthing..//uniqueid=" id part is blank…i’m nt getting anything after “=”…How to get the url so that i can able to give inside for each loop and continue the process

Hi @Soundarya_L,
During data scrapping you could add additional steps for this URL part where CTRL+A shortcut would be performed and then CTRL+C and this could be paste somewhere or save into variable for example.