Native Citrix Automation

I wanted to make use of Native Citrix automation feature for my project. But, there are few question i looking for answers.

  1. is this Feature available for Community edition? They mentioned to contact Support team. But, support is only for enterprise edition.

2, How to identify whether the citrix application is native or not?. For me, i login to a citrix based website, Downoald the .ica file, open the file, then a window will pop-up with data…is this a native citrix?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Ramesh,

Native Citrix automation is available in community edition (Studio v18.4.1) as well. UiPath Studio Community Edition provides all facilities which is available in Enterprise Edition.
Native Citrix based automation allows you to automate Citrix based applications through selector. Though there are some prerequisites before starting Native Citrix Automation:

  1. Check if you have Citrix receiver installed in your local system
  2. Install Citrix Extension (available in Studio v18.4.1)
  3. Install UiPath Remote Runtime in Citrix Application Servers (

If all the above ,mentied steps are done… you are ready to go!


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Hi Tuhin, Thanks for the reply.

But, it is mentioned that to get in contact with support team, to get the uipath remote runtime file. It is clearly mentioned that support is only for Enterprise users. Thats where i am getting confused.

Yes, support for enterprise customers only, But you can raise request there :slight_smile:

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