Database activities

Hiiii, I have a table in my database and I want to retrieve it and use it in Uipath, how to retrieve Data from Microsoft Access database,

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Buddy @venkatmalla6
You have an option called uipath.database.activities from package manager, download it and use activity called Execute query where you can pass input as query and retrieve the data from database as datatable…for that you will be in need of server name, username and password…
Then in addition you can check whether we have connected to db or not with connection wizard and test connection like this

thats all buddy you are all done


Is that working buddy @venkatmalla6

Thanks for your reply buddy, in the connection wizard once we give the data source and then it is asking database file name, what should I give there.

Buddy but for Microsoft Access database it will be like this buddy

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image


Database file name is any .accdb or .mdb files buddy for your database