Read csv - data table not recognized

Hi all…I am very new to UiPath and trying out on “Web Data Entry Automation. CSV to Salesforce”
But i am not able to name the output for DataTable. I am not sure what i have missed out.
Appreciate anyone can advice.


Hi @hanna1

Welcome to the community!!

Under the output, clear the text there, and press [Ctrl] + [K] words to enter variable creation mode. Then provide the name of the datatable variable which you want to create and press enter. It will create the datatable variable for you.

If you have already created the variable, make sure the scope of the variable is accurate is set to the entire workflow file (for example). - this can be set under the variables panel

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution so it could help others as well… :slight_smile:


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