My Unattended robot fails to type in the web page during teams sharing


I have made a web automation in which there is a type into activity ,which is completely working fine even in the screen locked condition

But while sharing the same via screen sharing during a demo it missed to type in the web page when running from studio pro, but i tried the same activity again from the cloud it works fine it type in the web page even while sharing

i am not sure why the glitch has happened, is it a bug?

NOTE:I am using simulate click and send windows message in all the activity,which support to run it in background,so i hope there is no issue in the program

This happens during share screen sessions.

One thing you can try to do is, capture the selector to the input field as a UiElement object and then use that as input to your type into instead of having the bot use a selector to look for the element.



Thanks for the reply,can you please let me know,how to do that

Is it possible to share the sample file or screen shots


Use element exists activity. Specify the selector and in the output, create a variable to capture this field as a UiElement.

In the type activity, remove selector and instead apply UiElement …

If you have gone through the academy courses, this is already covered in there. Besides some of the UiPath documentation comes with Sample applications if you make the time to look up the documenation.


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@Saravanan_Murugan improvements for this behavior were made in the latest preview packages (e.g. UIAutomation.Activities 21.6-preview). You might want to update to the latest preview and give it a try. Andy’s suggestion is also very good.

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