My studio profile suddenly changing to StudioX profile and changing profile also getting blurred

i opened UiPath and it suddenly switched to studioX and its showing some tenant issue,


For now, can you check your plan Admin - License page in AutomationCloud?

If it’s free plan and there is only AutomationExpress license, only StudioX can be used.
In this case, it might be necessary to re-create your organization as community plan.


it look like this.
which one is this ?


Your plan is Pro Trial and there seems enough licenses.

Can you check which license the user is assigned at “License allocations to users” section?

If the license is not what you expect, can you try to assign license to user at Admin - User and gropup - Edit license allocation?



We cannot use Studio under AutomarionExpress license. Can you try to change it to AutomationDeveloper, then re-start Studio after reboot (or logoff) OS?


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