Calc_Hash infinite creation of 1st record

I assumed that the index would be incremented by UiPath but when I create records with the security hash I see the same record is processed in an infinite loop (see screen-shot below).
Any pointers as to what I’m missing will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.


TransactionNumber will be increment in SetTransactionStatus workflow in REFramework. Have you deleted anything inside this workflow ?

Hi Laksman
Many thanks for your suggestion.
I am at page 17 of the guide but I haven’t changed the workflow SetTransactionStatus (I don’t think so anyway).
Below are screen-shots of my SetTransactionStatus workflow and the page I am at in the guide.
I appreciate your guidance.
Best regards, Mark.

Many thanks indeed. I copied the .xaml file from a backup and yes, I had messed up that file. All working now :slight_smile:


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