My Orchestrator is processing only the first transaction item in the Queue

Hi I have a Queue with 40 transaction items( using same example as lesson 5 in Orchestrator, copying data from excel, adding each row of excel to Queue). i am able to achieve this part successfully. however when i try 2nd part, which is picking each transaction item from the Queue and processing it. I just find only the first transaction item is proceessed and status of queue changing to Successfull. Remaining 39 items, remaining items remain unporcesses. pls advice where am i making mistake.(attaching the screenshots below)

  1. created Queue in Orchestrator

  1. workflow to process the transaction items from the queue


in Queue>> View Transactions -
i see only 1 item in Progress and rest 39 in New Status, its been many a times i tried this and everytime this is the status. i am wondering why all txn items are not getting processed/

Pls advise.




Your flow ‘looks’ quite alright (can you share the xaml?) but the conditions etc need to be checked. Why don’t you put logs for every transaction item that is got and see what actually is happening.

Check with logs and if everything seems correct then share the xaml so that a fresh set of eyes can peruse through :slight_smile:



Hi Raghavendra,
So i made changes to my excel sheet…
I removed the duplicate records from my Excel sheet and also reduced the no of rows / records to just four.

next when i processed this new Queue having only 4 transaction items, all four records failed, and the log said - Values are not numeric. I do not understand how because i am converting the TransactionItem value to integers using the following statement -

Assign >>
Income = cint(txn_item.SpecificContent(“Incomes”))

(variable - Income is Int32 type)

i even tried - Assign >>
Income = convert.ToInt16(txn_item.SpecificContent(“Incomes”))

But the results remained the same…
below are the screen shots -
excel-data -

Attaching the xaml file below -

Main.xaml (18.6 KB)


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Hi there,

great work. let me see, first let us fix the following :

Why don’t you send in the argument to the queue through the type conversion “.ToString” for the Income value you are sending in. You can convert it back as soon as it is retrieved.

use a writeline or message box to see what value is coming in (I would have done it if I had access to your queue or platform)

Do this and get back with the results. Share xaml again :slight_smile:


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If i have understood you correctly, you are asking me to pass these input values “Income” and “Payments” from Excel to the Queue as arguments with the Type String.
I am already doing so…so the first process which is adding the items to the Queue as arguments(Type-string)

first i am opening excel, reading range into a datatable, looping on the datatable using for each row - then adding Queue Item

in my second process i am trying to get the transaction queue and then assigning them to variable which are of type INT32 and using the below statement to convert the income and payments to intergers.

Assign >>
Income = convert.ToInt32(txn_item.SpecificContent(“Incomes”))

i have tried message box to see the assigned values in variables, but then again in message box i use Income.ToString. so message comes out fine.
Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

xaml file which adds items to the Queue

Main.xaml (18.9 KB)

xaml file which processes the items in Queue…not made any major changes, just added a message box to display income and payment

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Okay great. Looks good, let me create a queue of my own and I will get back if there are any issues using your code. If there are none that means maybe you might have to reinstall… Wait a bit I will dissect this issue :slight_smile:

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Hi @Raghavendraprasad. Any idea about this error : Add Queue Item: Error creating Transaction. Duplicate Reference. Error code: 1016??

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Hi @Santa_Krish

Please check this thread for possible solutions to your error.



@Santa_Krish I guess you have ‘Unique reference’ option toggled on in your orchestrator and if you are trying to send in a duplicate (already existing) values for Queue as your queue item then you might encounter this error.

Check and get back to me :slight_smile:

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Well I found the issue. You were writing -

IsNumeric("incomes") and IsNumeric("payments") 

whereas it is supposed to be

IsNumeric(incomes) and IsNumeric(payments)

Clearly because they are variables - so as strings are not numbers it was setting the transaction as Failed.

I have attached Dispatcher and performer in the Project : (10.4 KB)

Change the queue name and run it and you will get expected result.

I guess this was the issue - close this and mark solution - if still issue persists just get back :slight_smile:



Beautiful!!! I have been scratching my head over this since days…Thanks a zillion…it was a BIG help indeed…
Just one last doubt, you said you have attached Dispatcher and Performer in the project…what does that even mean…i am not aware of Dispatcher /performer…and didnt come across these terms in the training…is it something i missed out, where can i read about it more…you can answere it at your leisure…no rush.

and thanks again for your time and efforts.



Just buzzwords.

Dispatcher - that adds items to queue,
Performer - performs processes using the queue.

That’s it…!

Regards :slight_smile:


Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Your’e welcome, anytime :slight_smile:

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