My data are not printing in excel

i have one excel sheet in which 10 links in one column.go one by one link and hit in browser and scrap text from that page and print in excel sheet…but here only last value is printing in my excel…
here is my codeMain.xaml (10.2 KB)

Use Merge Datatable to merge each set of scraped data into a master datatable. Then write the data outside of the loop.

Alternatively, you could use Append Range instead of Write Range, but I think this will be limited, since you’re targeting F1 as the starting cell, and this activity does not include an option to select the starting cell.


As I can see, each time you are writing the value to “F1”. That is why in the end you have only last value.

If you want to record all scared text in one cell separated by e.g. coma, you can do the following:

hi …thanks for reply…i tried this one…but it not working

it only printing the last value

i dont want to print all scraped value in one cell.i want 1st should print in 1st cell next value in the next cell like this…plz help

it not working


In write range activity, instead of “F1” please write the following:
“F” + (dttable.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1).ToString

Now robot will record data in the next row after each iteration :slight_smile:

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thank u so much …now it working