Data entry to next row in excel sheet after screen scraping

Hello Experts,

I have extracted data using Screen Scraping and Gettext activity ( both are inside a foreach activity). I want to write this data in a excel sheet.
The first time when I run, the data is written in the 1st two rows but next time when it runs again I need data to be written from 3rd row and so on. But its not working in my case, its overwriting on previous data in excel.
Can someone please help me with the solution. It’s urgent.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @sowmya.krishna ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What do you use to write your data ? Are you using write range ?
If yes, what about you try to use append range ?

Let us know if it works for you !

Hi Hiba Beldi😊,

I am using write cell. Since am using both gettext and screen scraping for data extraction, I’llbe getting output as a string. I cnt pass my output to append range.

Hi @sowmya.krishna

use if activity to verify iteration Ex: if it was a first run use Write range activity or else use append range activity

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Hi @sowmya.krishna !
Do you mind sending us your current workflow ?
Because of the fact that we are not dealing with a datatable, we could go for working with incrementation of your writing starting cell coordinate.
To help you, we will need to see your code, otherwise we can’t help that much :confused:

Hi Hiba_B,

I cant attach my actual workflow. Its having some confidential data so.
I just tried to attach the similar kind of flow where am using gettext, screen scraping and data scraping for data extraction and need to write the same in a excel one row after the other. (15.5 KB)

Thank you.

Hi @Robinnavinraj_S ,
Can you pls provide me a example if possible.

Hi @sowmya.krishna !

Thank you for your code :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Would you mind testing with the following changes ? Sequence1.xaml (19.7 KB)

I did not run it so hoping it runs without issues. If it does not work let us know !
If the code is unclear, let us know too so we give more details :wink:

Hi @sowmya.krishna

As of understanding you want to write the scrapped data into excel right ??

In that case you need to use write range activity not write cell activity

I modified your flow , once again run the flow and tell us whether you got output or not
Testing (2).zip (15.7 KB)


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Hi @Robinnavinraj_S !
She will have the same problem: at the second time it will overwrite the data written :grin:
I totally agree with you that write cell is not the best solution here.
In her case I think it’s better to use append range.
[EDIT] or using write range but with a dynamic starting cell

Hi @Hiba_B

I already suggested append range activity above, but when i saw her code there is no looping statement in that code , thats why suggest write range activity

if the process runs recursively then we must go for append range

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Indeed ! I did not see your post specifying it, sorry :joy:
I was also wondering where is the loop part (except in the Main, but there are no in/out argument with sequence1).
But because she said that she reproduced a similar xaml kind, and seeing her first post speaking of overwritten data, I assumed that she did not fully succeeded into reproducing the similar kind workflow :yum:

Let’s wait her info :grin:

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Hi @Hiba_B @Robinnavinraj_S :smiley:

My process runs recursively. And as suggested by both of you append range is working perfectly with the flow and am able to get desired output.

Thank you,

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Hi @Hiba_B :smiley: :smiley:

I have followed your changes and checked with my flow, it’s working perfectly. Thank you for the solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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Hi @sowmya.krishna

Great to hear , Thanks for cooperating with us


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That’s great !!

Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved so the others stuck with the same problem find it easily :grin:

Happy automation and happy new year !

Thank you,
Very Happy new year too @Hiba_B :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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