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Hey. I’ve got a little problem. I am creating data scraping robot, for all I’ve got it works fine (takes data and everything), but have a one little problem, when Write Range pastes data in to excel sheet, he pastes it to single cell all the time, and I need him to paste it like: B2, B3, B4 and so on. How can I do that? Maybe some advice? :))

Hi @Sarunas_Brazauskas ,

You can use append range

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Hi @Sarunas_Brazauskas
As a first step count on the number of rows using dt.rows.count and then you will get the number of rows present. Use do while loop and make the iteration for number of rows present.
Assign a variable(rowNumber) of int32 and give default value as 2 and after pasting the data in excel then use one more assign activity like rowNumber = rowNumber+1.
In write range u can use like “B”+rowNumber before adding with +1

Hi @Sarunas_Brazauskas,

Its a bit complicated to outline the actual reason without seeing how the output from the data scrap looks like. I’m assuming it is returning all your values in a single data row. Said that, you may consider doing a split Ideally you want to build data rows with isolated fields and add them to a data table so you can finally append/write range

Hi @Sarunas_Brazauskas
Handler veikiantis jau.xaml (26.3 KB)

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