Multiply and find percentage

I want to multiply two columns of an excel sheet and then find the percentage of the total. I have attached my excel sheet .
Can anyone please help with this. I am new to UIPATH. w1.xls (16 KB)

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write these formulas to the excel file

in C column
=A2+B2 this will gives you the sum of A2 cell and B2

in D column,
=C2/100*20 this will calculate the 20% of the C column value

both formulas can be written through the loops.

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Thanks bro
Can you please tell me which activity should be used to read formula. Is it “Read Cell Formula” ?
I tried with that, but not getting the output.
Can you just send me the sample Xaml file whenever you get time.
Thanks in advance.

check the output

Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

hey, Thank you for responding. Btw, I am are not able to write the output to the same excel file under a particular column named Total and percentage. The workflow is working perfectly, but cannot write to the same excel. @ddrdushy1

check this
Main.xaml (11.0 KB)


It worked perfectly. Thankyou @ddrdushy1. Now I am trying to multiply and divide the same columns “Number of items” and “price”. Will that be possible by changing the operator in ASSIGN “TOTAL=” from " + " to " * " or " / ". Or else can you suggest me a better idea. Sorry if I am troubling you, as I am new into this, it is taking time to learn things.

requirement not clear, could give the input and output ?

This is my excel sheet.
In this sheet, the output is like below
Total = Number of items + Price
But I need
Total = Number of items * Price
Is there any way to perform that action ?

just change the assign activity + to * it will work

Yea, Got it. (After changing the variable type of total from “Generic value” to “Int 32”)
Thanks a lot!

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