I need to find percentage from two columns and add that percentage as a new column in excel

I have used read range activity to read the data from excel as datatable type and now I want to calculate those two columns percentage and add that percentage as a new column in excel.
Any suggestions would help as I am new into this.


Hi @Mohammed_Nawazuddin

Please follow below steps and let me know if you have issues.

Step1: Use for each row as data table activity to loop through the output of the read range datatable.
Step2: Use row(“YourColumnName”) in the assign activty to get the values.
Step3: Do percentage calculation’s as required and assign to a variable.
Step4: Use Update row activity and pass the variable which you want to add to the excel.
Step5: Use write range to write the data table to excel.


In this case I am skipping headrers as they are deuplicate and I need to covert those coulmns from datatable into integer.How can I do that

@Mohammed_Nawazuddin you can use “Update Row Item” Activity
Provide calculate percentage variable in “Value”
Row as “CurrentRow”
Column as index value or Name

If you dont have column existed in data table, please create a column using “Add Data Colum” activity before for each loop.

ref attached work flow for your reference

addColumnandEnterData.xaml (7.5 KB)
addition.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Hi @Mohammed_Nawazuddin

You can use Cint(Yourvalue) to convert into integer value