Excel multiplication and addition

Please find the attached excel document.We need to output for this excel calculation.!


  1. Read excel document with starting range as A4 and assign output to datatable.
  2. Use for each row loop to get each from datatable.
    3) using if condition check the month hrs column in each row has null value, if it contains
    null value don’t do any operations.( Place statements in 3rd and 4th point in else block
    of if statement)
    4) Using assign activity
    variable1 = (88 * Cint(row(3)))/100
    above statement calculates 88% of month hrs and stores it to percentage column.
    5) Using assign activity.
    above statement calculates total and stores it in total column.
  3. After for each write the same datatable to excel with starting range as A4(Check the include column headers)

Hi Manjuts90,

Thanks for your update. I will check and let you know


You can write macro it’s an easy way than reading excel, calculating so on.


Hi Manjuts90,

As per your instruction I made the changes, but still getting the following error:

Source : Multiplication

Message : Input string was not in a correct formaterror

@gokult That error happening due to conversion of input or bad input. Can u post ur workflow and excel?

MultiplyTwoNumbers (1).xaml (12.0 KB)sample1.xls (28.5 KB)

@gokult Check is below workflow once, let me know.

MultiplyTwoNumbers (1).xaml (17.8 KB)

HI Manjuts90,

Thank you so much.

It’s working too good.

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@gokult Check below workflow also, this is differ from above workflow. I have just edited your workflow.

MultiplyTwoNumbers (1).xaml (13.0 KB)

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Hi Manjuts90,

Sorry for that inconvenient, now subtotal is not working please check and let me know…

percentage = 88% from monthhrs

Total = rates*percentage.

Please check the calculation part…

@gokult Are u talking about excel formula u have used To sum values in cells?

Hi manjuts90,

I need your help for calculation part in uipath

percentage = 88% from monthhrs

Total = rates*percentage.

Please check the calculation part…

@gokult Are you getting wrong values in both workflows?

@Manjuts90 yes.:frowning:

Please find the attached excel sheet.

This is the proper format for output

@gokult r u saying u want value like below.

Percentage= (40 * 88)/100 for employee 001

total= percentage * 8 for employee 001
is it correct?

@Manjuts90 absolutly correct

@gokult try below one and let me know.

MultiplyTwoNumbers (1).xaml (13.0 KB)

@Manjuts90 total and percentage field is working good.

Then i need subtotal also.

please help me

@gokult You required only value in G15 cell right?