How To perform Arithmetic operations like (-,+,*,%) on two different excel files

Hi everyone ,I am new to Uipath have little experience in programming ,I want to calculate percentage difference between last month sales and current month sales, example one excel file has october month sales data and another excel file has November month data i want the result in new excel file with the data from both the months and a new column which shows percentage increase in sales,Please help i dnt know where and what to use.

Hello Sandeep, i think currently the only option is to use 3 times “Excel Application Scope” activity. In the first two you will read the values (Read Cell/Read Range) to variables (or datatable) and the third one will write the result (Write Value/Write Range) to new workbook

Thanx jan what do you mean by 3 times ??? can you explain by some example on how i can calculate percentage increase or decrease in last month sales and current month??

Hi Sandeep, you can find simplified example in attached file just change filenames and ranges you want to use.tst.xaml (9.7 KB)

Hi Jan thanx for the example but it is giving error …
i had just put some values into excel like 20,30 in one and 4,8 in one

Hi Sandeep, im not sure whats wrong there is not much that can go wrong. Just place these two (10.4 KB) to the same folder as xaml file and it should work fine (it will create third file for you automatically).

Thanx jan for the help i will try once more !! thanx

hi jan i tried it is giving same error !!