Multiple values in a single cell

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I have a scenario where I got multiple values in a single cell.

  1. How do I read those values one by one ?
  2. Can I create a variable for each value ?

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Hi @uio,

You can read excel using the read range activity and then call each row in the loop.



Hello @uio

I hope you are trying to get value in the Plant column. If yes, you can do as below.

plantVarArray. is a string array variable
plantVar is a string variable

1)Use excel activity
2)Read range activity
3)for each row in the excel activity.
4)use assign activity. plantVar=row(β€œPlant”).ToSTring
5)currently plant variable will be having β€œ100,150,900”. Use assign activity. plantVarArray=Split(plantVar,β€œ,”).

now you can use plantVarArray[0],plantVarArray[1],plantVarArray[2]. to get each value.
plantVarArray[0] will be having 100
plantVarArray[1] will be having 150

Filter_Val=DT.Asenumerable.Select(Function(r) r(Col_index).Tostring.Split(","c)).First

Output : Array

If you want to fetch all values then use multiple assign

Val1 = Filter_Val(0)
Val2 = Filter_Val(1)
Val3 = Filter_Val(2)

Hi @uio ,

Here we go…
i have attached the Xaml… (15.9 KB)

Kiran T

Thank you. It worked.

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Good to hear that :grinning:

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