Excel one column contains multiple row values

HI All ,

I have a excel sheet like this .Book1.xlsx (8.1 KB)
in that i have one record value ln that(one column multiple row values)
How can i get that values line by line and i want to loop it

please help me on this

Use row(“column_name”).tostring inside for each row to get the values.

Thanks for your response
let me check

it’s not working

Very special cases notwithstanding, 1 row = 1 record. It helps to use common language so that we can help each other better. Unless I understood you wrong of course, in which case please feel free to correct me/elaborate.

As for your question, you answered it yourself - loop it. Is there anything specific you’re having an issue with?

BTW - your attachment in the first post is missing. It would also help if you’d provide what end result you’re expecting, although as it seems right now there’s a high chance there’s already a sample xaml here on the forums that does what you want.