Multiple robots to read the shared excel file and add the item to orchestrator queue without duplicate


Please help to understand how two robots can read the same shared excel file and add the items to orchestrator queue without duplicates.

#Robots are not supposed to select the item which the other robot already loaded to queue

#one robot should open the shared excel file

How this dispatcher can work with two robots… Can someone help to understand this concept…

Hi Rahul,

Possible workaround, maybe you can try adding data checking on your target application (i.e. searching the record) before adding the excel row to the queue.

Is there any condition that we can set in robot level…? If we are using multiple robots to open thr same excel at a time it will throw error… Can that be remediated?

You can create temporary excel file by using the Copy file Activity. After that, you should read the temporary excel file NOT the shared excel file so it would not cause error for other robots.


One possible thing can be done, create separate workflow for adding items to the queue where the single bot will run first and access the shared file and add all items to the queue.
Then multiple bots will run the main process and access items from the queue based on the status and process them.

Thanks all for the reply…

We can use queue concept, but if i have some 10k records which i need to process… One robot acting as a dispatcher will take time… Also the file is a shared file… So i need to use multiple robots to add the items to queue, to minimize the time of loading yhe items to orchestrator queue…

Can that be done with any workflow or any asset change?


Did you try that how much time does 1 bot take to add 10K records to the queue.

As all the bots can access the shared file and all the bots will add items to the queue and there will be duplicate items in the queue.


you can create a queue with unique reference checkbox checked while its creation. So that queue itself can work with the distinct transaction item.