Multiple Request Handling in Application for different request numbers

There is a scenario that has to be tackled and it deals in handling multiple requests on an application. The brief is explained below

  1. Submit a request of a report
  2. A pop up appears whether we want to submit another request (Pop up contains the request ID of present submitted report). If Yes is clicked, then another report request is raised and again a pop up appears. It should move to next flow after the pop is clicked with no
  3. For each of the request IDs, there needs to checked whether the Status of the request is completed or running
  4. If the status of the request is completed, download the report, else click refresh button
  5. Once the report is completed an output button is clicked which takes us to another browser. Download the output and come back again and check for other requests status.

How can this be tackled? This is a lengthy process and would take time, at least point wise explanation could be good. I have just started using UIPath

You can spilt it in the workflows the way you mentioned the steps.

Then, All workflow can be merged using invoke workflow activity in an single workflow.

This way it will be simpler for error handling and debugging the issue.

Thanks @Author_Community

So the requests are for different reports. We need to select Yes and place another request, so when we select Yes do we need to store anything over here? Which Can be useful in our further situations?

It totally depends on your requirement @Author_Community

You can log the messages for which report you have clicked on Yes. Which will help you.

You can store the same in the variable if you need it in the later part.

I am pretty new to this concept, can you help me with the resources or when I need to learn about this selectors and logging, other things that have been mentioned?

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You can check the academy content which is provided by UiPath. @Author_Community

Also I am referring you the youtube channels please find it below.

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