Why my workflow is fetching API data through HTTP request multiple times?

I have used HTTP requests (and then deserialized) after using an open browser and then I used two more HTTP requests to update about failure and success. But it’s fetching data multiple times.

Hi @Samraat_Maharjan ,

We might need to more details about the Steps that you have followed to perform the task and also let us know what is the Actual Steps that needs to be followed in order for us to help you further.

First of all, I log in to the website with a password and username. After that, I have to enter the client id, which I fetch from API (through HTTP request). If there is no record for that particular client, I don’t need to execute the rest of the steps but I still need to update my database (through HTTP Request). Else, I execute further steps and close the case of a particular client. In case all the steps get executed, I need to update my database or also I need to update to fail if it doesn’t get executed.
But the problem is with fetching API. It’s fetching the same data multiple times.

@Samraat_Maharjan ,

We have an understanding of what is to be done, But we are not yet familiar with what you have implemented.

The Client ID is received from API, it would mean you would have to pass parameters to the API for getting the Client ID, if you are expecting different Client ID’s at times, then it would also mean that we would need to use different values in parameters passed to the API request.

Fetching same data multiple times, does it mean you are in a loop ? Using a For Each Activity to get the data from the API?

From these statements, we can ask - Are different parameter values being passed to the API request ? Normally that would be how we would receive different output values as well.

Let us know if the above conclusions made is not understandable or is not able to help you.

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