Multiple key press without 'Send hotkey' command



Is there a way to get the robot to press multiple keys at the same time using type commands and not ‘send hotkey’ commands? I am trying to get my robot to hit ctrl+a and then hit delete to clear an input box, I would like to use tab to do this over multiple input boxes without using the mouse in between.



Hi @campbellmellor
You can use the shortcut key as ctrl +a and delete and use tab as well by using type into with no selector



HI @campbellmellor,

In Type into activity itself “EmptyField” Property is ther you can check that checkbox to before typing the value it will clear the previous value and typing new value.

Refer this link



I want to clear the next input box that the robot goes to after tab is pressed. Something like
however this doesn’t work as I need to press the ctrl and a keys a the same time.