How to send several HotKeys


Hi guys,

I’m using “Type Text” to simulate Down key but I’d like to press Down 100 times.
Do you know how to do it pls?

I already tried “[100(down)]” , 100"[k(down)]"… but didn’t work…

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Using a do while? or if you want to go to the end just use “ctrl + end”? make sure you provide details whenever asking for solutions. :slight_smile:

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I believe you can just say how many times you want to write a text with “Type into”, without going into a loop.
For example to press “enter” 100 times you “Type into” : 100"[k(enter)]" … but it doesn’t work… any clue?



What about this?

Personally Idk if you can do that, what are you trying to automate, can you please explain?


I just wondered if we could do that.
I already tried with this “Do While” solution but i wanted to know if we could use “Type into” with a number to type the same thing X times.



Type “aaaaaaaaa” will write a 8 times.


A simple way to repeat any string is a VB expression like this:

Dim result = String.Join("", Enumerable.Repeat(“abc”, 10))

You can also specify the separator.


Multiple hot key press

That’s new…i could have used this one in one of my processes :slight_smile:

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